Explore ASM: Where Our Innovative Campus Sparks Creativity and Learning

Welcome to the facilities of ASM, where every space is crafted to inspire learning and creativity. Our classrooms are vibrant hubs of education designed to foster collaboration and innovation. The science labs are state-of-the-art and equipped for hands-on experiments that bring learning to life. Our auditorium is a centerpiece for school events, showcasing performances and assemblies in a modern setting.

Athletics at ASM are supported by excellent sports facilities, encouraging physical fitness and team spirit. The library is a resource-rich environment, brimming with books and digital materials for research and leisure reading. Our technology labs are at the forefront of digital learning, providing students with the tools to thrive in a tech-savvy world.
Art and music rooms are creative sanctuaries where students express their artistic talents. The medical clinic ensures the health and well-being of our community and is staffed with professionals for immediate care. These facilities embody our commitment to a well-rounded, exceptional education at ASM.

Innovative Learning Spaces
7 Science Labs
2 Technology Labs
9 Different Competitive Varsity Teams
Knowledge Hub
The Library has over 26,000 books
Creative Arts
500+ theatre seats available at ASM Auditorium
Community and Well-being
2 Full-time Nurses.
Full-Service Kitchen with Nutritious Meals

Elevating Sports and Fitness, our campus has 2 top-notch gyms and expansive outdoor sports areas, including vast soccer fields, pristine tennis courts, versatile volleyball areas, and dynamic basketball courts. This diverse array of high-quality facilities caters to athletes of every skill level, promoting a culture of health, teamwork, and excellence. Whether you’re training for competitive sports or looking for recreational play, our gyms and sports fields offer the perfect setting for every student to engage in physical activity, develop athletic skills, and foster a lifelong appreciation for fitness and well-being.


A Treasure Trove of Knowledge and Discovery, home to over 26,000 books spanning various languages. This central hub of learning and curiosity is designed to ignite our students’ imaginations, fostering a lifelong passion for reading and exploration. With resources in multiple languages, it offers a global perspective, ensuring every student finds a window to the world and a mirror reflecting their experiences. The library is not just a place to study; it’s a sanctuary of intellectual adventure where every book holds a new discovery.

Science Labs

Our science labs are outfitted with advanced machinery and technology to bring scientific theories to life. Among these, the DNA analyzer stands out as a prime example of our commitment to providing real-world scientific experiences. These labs are the playgrounds for budding scientists, where curiosity meets cutting-edge technology. Students have the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on experiments, from genetic analysis to chemical reactions, fostering a deeper understanding and passion for the sciences.

Performing Arts Center

A Stage for Inspiration and Expression boasts a 500-seat theater that sets the scene for unforgettable performances, from the riveting drama of ‘Chicago’ to a diverse array of other productions. This vibrant cultural hub welcomes TEDx events and guest speakers and is the proud venue for graduation ceremonies. It’s a place where talent, creativity, and passion converge, offering students and the community a platform to showcase their talents, share ideas, and celebrate milestones. The Performing Arts Center is not just a venue; it’s the heartbeat of our school’s artistic and celebratory events.

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Technology Labs

At the forefront of digital innovation, our technology labs have VR rooms, robotics workshops, design spaces, and simulators. These cutting-edge facilities enable students to immerse themselves in advanced computing, engineering concepts, and creative design. From virtual reality explorations to hands-on robotics challenges, our labs offer a dynamic learning environment where students can experiment, create, and lead in the ever-evolving technological landscape.

Health Office

ASM’s Health Office, conveniently situated on the first floor of the main hall between the elementary and upper school, is equipped with two full-time nurses dedicated to the well-being of our students. With four sick beds for those feeling unwell and five defibrillators strategically placed around the school, we ensure a safe and supportive environment for everyone. Our nursing staff is involved in school life, attending sports tournaments and coordinating annual athletic assessments with the school’s doctor. Furthermore, they provide invaluable assistance to parents seeking specialist medical services, including pediatricians, audiologists, ophthalmologists, and orthopedists, highlighting our commitment to the health and safety of our ASM community.

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At ASM, our in-house kitchen, led by the beloved Piera and Santina for over 35 years, serves up a heartwarming Italian culinary experience, now enjoyed by a second generation of students. Our daily spread features various pasta, organic ingredients, and options for every dietary need, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all. Lighter options and indulgent desserts, including special treats from pastry chef Santina, add to the joy of dining at ASM. Our commitment to inclusivity and sustainability is evident in every meal, highlighting lunchtimes. The culinary team showcases their extraordinary talents at special events with exquisite delicacies, making every ASM gathering a memorable feast.

Playgrounds and Fields

Our expansive outdoor areas are designed to fuel fun, fitness, and friendly competition. Featuring soccer fields, basketball, and tennis courts, along with two specially designed playgrounds for our elementary students, there’s ample space for everyone to play, practice, and pursue their athletic passions. These facilities not only cater to sports enthusiasts but also ensure that all students can engage in physical activity, enjoy the outdoors, and develop healthy lifestyle habits from a young age.

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