Board of Trustees

Leadership Council:
Steering Our School Towards Excellence

At the heart of our school’s governance and strategic direction lies the Board of Trustees, a dedicated group committed to steering our institution toward a future marked by educational excellence and sustainable growth. This collective of visionary leaders shape the path we follow, ensuring that every decision aligns with our mission to provide top-tier education within a financially responsible and administratively efficient framework.

Overview of their critical roles and responsibilities

Executive Role The Board serves as the executive branch, overseeing the school's business and affairs.
Composition Twelve members, with a minimum of nine ordinary members and up to three honorary or non-Association members.
Mission To guide through policy development, ensure quality education, manage finances responsibly, and maintain administration efficiency.
Primary Responsibility Establish policies for educational excellence and financial sustainability.
Authority Delegation The Director is empowered by the Board to execute responsibilities, with duties reported back to the Board.
Committees Established by the Board to support the Director in executing roles effectively.
Policy Oversight Involves Education, Admission, Personnel/Compensation, Financials, Building/Grounds Maintenance, Administration, and Strategic Planning.
Reporting Regular updates provided to the Association at general assemblies and open forum meetings.

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The Board of Trustees at The American School of Milan

The American School of Milan (ASM) prides itself on its governance, which is overseen by a dedicated Board of Trustees. This board ensures that the school adheres to its mission and continues to provide high-quality education.

Role and Responsibilities

The Board of Trustees plays a crucial role in the strategic direction of ASM. They are responsible for setting policies, overseeing the school’s financial health, and ensuring that the educational standards remain high. Most importantly, the board works to support and enhance the school’s mission and vision.

Composition and Selection

The board comprises a diverse group of individuals, including parents, alumni, and community leaders. This diversity brings a wealth of experience and perspectives, enriching the governance process. Trustees are selected based on their expertise and commitment to the school’s values. Therefore, each member brings unique strengths that contribute to the board’s effectiveness.

Committees and Meetings

To manage their responsibilities efficiently, the Board of Trustees operates through various committees. These committees focus on specific areas such as finance, facilities, and academic excellence. Besides that, regular meetings ensure that the board stays informed and proactive in addressing the school’s needs.

Collaboration with School Leadership

The board works closely with ASM’s leadership team, including the Head of School. This collaboration ensures that the school’s strategic goals align with its daily operations. Consequently, there is a cohesive effort to achieve excellence in all aspects of the school’s functioning.

Community Involvement

Transparency and communication with the ASM community are key priorities for the board. Regular updates and meetings with parents and staff ensure that the community remains informed and engaged. Therefore, the Board of Trustees maintains a strong connection with the entire ASM community, fostering trust and collaboration.

In conclusion, the Board of Trustees at The American School of Milan plays a vital role in maintaining the school’s standards and driving its mission forward. Their dedicated efforts ensure that ASM continues to thrive and provide an exceptional educational experience