Student Life

Where Safety, Growth, and Global Citizenship Flourish

At ASM, we work hard to create a safe community where our students can learn and grow. We believe that a positive, caring, and multicultural learning environment encourages the development of individual integrity and high ethical standards, values that students take with them beyond the classroom as citizens of the world.

Students choose from a wide variety of activities to participate in without having to leave campus both during the academic day and after school.

Music and Arts

At ASM, our integrated approach to Music and Art education for students is designed to spark curiosity and foster a lifelong appreciation for the arts. Our program intertwines the melody of music with the vibrancy of visual art, offering a rich tapestry of experiences that nurture young minds and hearts.

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Varsity Sports

With ASM’s comprehensive Varsity and Middle School Sports Programs, our students can pursue their sporting passions, achieve personal bests, and even compete internationally through leagues like NISSA and ESC. It’s more than the competition; it’s about character-building, teamwork, and setting the foundation for lifelong sportsmanship and memories.

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Field Trips

At ASM, our October Field-Trip Program is thoughtfully crafted to extend learning beyond the classroom walls, offering your child a unique blend of educational enrichment and social bonding. These excursions aren’t just trips; they’re gateways for your child to connect with peers and educators, fostering a sense of belonging and curiosity. It’s an invitation to explore, learn, and grow together in the spirit of adventure.

Performing Arts

At ASM, we feel that the fine and performing arts are integral to the development of all children. Music, dance, film, and drama provide an outlet for children to nurture their minds and hearts. Our program offers bi-weekly classes in art and music in elementary school. In upper school, we offer a wide selection of arts elective choices where students can explore their curiosity further and develop a lifelong passion for the arts.

Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education, including the esteemed Duke of Edinburgh Award, offers your child a canvas to paint their path of personal growth. This journey challenges them to stretch their limits, embrace resilience, and unveil their potential amidst nature’s backdrop. It’s an opportunity for them to learn life skills, engage in community service, and partake in physical endeavors, all while developing leadership qualities and forging strong bonds of friendship.

After-School Activities

Our diverse after-school activities provide a playground for your child’s active, creative, or academically inclined ambitions. It’s a space for them to explore new skills, refine their talents, and enjoy camaraderie. Encouraging participation in at least one activity, we invite your child to seize this opportunity for growth, learning, and fun, making the most of their school year.

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Model United Nations

ASM is renowned for hosting large-scale conferences like Model United Nations (MUN), attracting students from around the world. The school’s state-of-the-art facilities ensure a seamless experience for over 400 participants from 20+ international schools, reflecting ASM’s commitment to global citizenship and enriching educational opportunities.

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