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Preparing Students for Quarantine

Elementary School

Responding to a pandemic also means preparing our students for change. We have witnessed great resilience in our students and have encouraged them to stay flexible in order to make sense of the world that keeps changing all around them. In the Elementary School we had the opportunity to prepare our students by explaining what Quarantine means, how they would continue learning and what materials they need. We developed a series of videos, taking inspiration from the well known Sesame Street productions and turning them into ‘ASM Street’. Both short videos include our famous ASM puppets, along with our students and were filmed and edited by our students! Check out the videos here: Street Part 1 & Street Part 2

Alberto Frezza

ASM Alumnus, Class of 2007

ASM Theatre and Film Students were lucky enough to spend an hour on Zoom with Alberto. After growing up in Ethiopia then spending his high school years at ASM, he was on the path to becoming a professional soccer player. In his successful career, Alberto has attended the New York Film Academy and become a prominent director who splits his time between New York and Los Angeles. Alberto stars in the Grey's Anatomy spin-off "Station 19!


Piera Preda

ASM Chef

Our cafeteria staff creates home cooked meals for our students, faculty and staff every single day. Piera, the head chef has been here since 1979. When Piera started at ASM, there were less than 200 students. Speed ahead 40 years to 840 students. To feed hundreds of students everyday is a daunting task. Especially when one has to prepare  meals for those with special diets, and then on top of everything make sure the food served is nutritious and delicious. ASM has a secret advantage in the person of a woman who has been at the school in charge of the food service for over 40 years. The secret to ASM’s fantastic food service is Piera Preda. If you ask any of our students or staff members they will tell you that all food at ASM is prepared and served with love. Piera and her indomptable team of Cooks and staff know every student by name, and if the case, every special dietary need they might have. Piera says she can't imagine her life without ASM and its students. We know we can't imagine ASM without Piera!


Giovanna Pinciroli

ASM Alumna, Class of 2017

"Joining ASM was the turning point of my school path. In addition to being an international school, ASM gives us the daily opportunity to be immersed in the American culture through activities ranging from sports, to NHS, to Model UN, to film making. This approach is implemented without jeopardizing the academic rigor." Read More

Alex Emanuele

ASM Alumnus, Class of 2015

"ASM laid the foundation of the person I am today. It helped me become focused and driven. The friendly community and supportive culture of the school made the the two years of studying for the IB some of the best years of my life. I will forever hold the ASM values close to my heart."

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