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ASM Community

Lucia Sala

Visiting Science Journalist

"What a great school, I would have liked to study at ASM! Thank you for having me. I enjoyed talking to the students and the science teachers!"

Isabella and Valentina Antollini

ASM Alumni, Class of 2012 and 2014

"ASM gave us the privilege to grow up with and learn from a multitude of cultures and backgrounds. This school taught us the importance of growing and learning in a safe environment, which gave us a set of values that we carry with us everyday."

Alex Emanuele

ASM Alumnus, Class of 2015

"ASM laid the foundation of the person I am today. It helped me become focused and driven. The friendly community and supportive culture of the school made the the two years of studying for the IB some of the best years of my life. I will forever hold the ASM values close to my heart."

Giovanna Pinciroli

ASM Alumna, Class of 2017

"Joining ASM was the turning point of my school path. In addition to being an international school, ASM gives us the daily opportunity to be immersed in the American culture through activities ranging from sports, to NHS, to Model UN, to film making. This approach is implemented without jeopardizing the academic rigor." Read More

Ms Fuson

ASM Teacher

"Being a part of ASM feels like an extension of my family. The community shares so much with each other that I rarely feel like I'm halfway across the world from my real family. My life isn't better because I'm experiencing Milan, it's better because of the people that I share my experiences with here at ASM."

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