Meet Our Global Educators:
Shaping Tomorrow's Leaders at ASM

Our diverse team of 103 educators from over 20 countries is the cornerstone of ASM. They create an inclusive, vibrant learning environment that fosters a love for learning and pioneers engaging educational experiences. Through research, innovative teaching, and interactive projects, they shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Discover what ASM Faculty Members say about ASM and its students, and explore the impact of their dedication and expertise on our global community.

“ I am grateful for the wonderful community at our school. The supportive families, diverse group of students, and kind coworkers create an enriching and inclusive environment. Every day, I feel privileged to work with such amazing individuals who prioritize kindness, collaboration, and mutual support.”

Lisa Fujitake, Grade 1 Teacher

“ I enjoy working at ASM because our school embraces an ensemble centered music program. Through performance with their peers, my students bring excitement and pride to ASM. At the same time, they build friendships and personal skills that will last a lifetime.”

Brian White, Director of Bands

“ ASM is a vibrant place, where something exciting is always taking place! Captivating art shows, plays, music performances, teacher vs. student sport games, college fairs, movie making, flower planting, debates, Ted Talks, service activities. There’s never a dull moment. Learning doesn’t not only happen inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom which creates an enriching experience for the students that sets ASM apart!”

Oulaya Samhoun, High School Counselor

“ My wife and I arrived at ASM after teaching in China and Abu Dhabi, both of which were experiences we enjoyed immensely. However, it was immediately clear that ASM is a different place. We have found the community to be really welcoming, both among colleagues and the families at the school. Besides, Milan is an incredible city: there's a ton still to explore, and new cultural events consistently impress.”

George Van Pelt, IB English & TOK

“ What a joy it is to work with such amazing little learners and families! I am so proud to be a part of this dynamic and caring community and to work with teachers who are constantly striving to create an environment where little hearts and minds can thrive.”

Sofia Wallace, Early Childhood Teacher

“ Joining ASM is like downloading the latest, greatest app for education—user-friendly, constantly updated, and occasionally asking you for cookies during school events. Welcome to where innovation meets tradition, and learning is always in beta!”

Ahmed Tomoum, Marketing & Communications Officer

“ ASM’s diverse international community is unlike any other that I’ve worked with. Parents, students, and colleagues are committed to growing together and are united by common values.”

Max Bayston, Humanities Coordinator