After School Activities

Discover Extra-Curricular Opportunities at ASM

After school activities offer fantastic opportunities for leadership and personal growth. At ASM, we provide a diverse range of fun activities where students can learn new skills, develop their talents, and socialize with friends. These extracurricular activities are categorized into three main groups: active, creative, and academic. We encourage every student to engage in at least one activity during the school year to enhance their overall school experience.

A Variety of Fun Activities

Our programs are designed to be inclusive and engaging, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Elementary and Upper School students can choose from a comprehensive menu of after school activities, published and distributed to families each September. Recent offerings include small group tennis, fencing, gymnastics, chess, musical performances, cooking, math club, karate, and much more.

Personal Development and Community Building

Participating in these after school activities not only provides students with a break from their regular academic routine but also fosters personal development and creates a sense of community. Whether through active sports, creative endeavors, or academic clubs, students find joy and fulfillment in these fun activities.

How to Get More Information

To learn more about the variety of extracurricular activities available, please refer to the ASM Sports and After-School Activities Brochure. This detailed guide helps you explore all the options and find the perfect activities for your child’s interests and needs.

Enrollment and Participation

Please note that all after school activities are exclusively available for enrolled ASM students and their families.

By engaging in these enriching extracurricular activities, students at ASM improve their skills, build lasting friendships, and create cherished memories. Don’t miss out on the chance to make the most of these fun and valuable experiences!

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