Grade Equivalents

Age and Grade Comparison by Country

Our International School grade level equivalency chart


Age Requirements and Grade Placement

Regardless of the month of enrollment, the student must have reached the required age for his or her intended entry grade before August 31st of the school calendar year as follows:


Age by 31st August


3 years old


4 years old


5 years old


6 years old


7 years old


8 years old


9 years old


10 years old


11 years old


12 years old


13 years old

  • The above chart is strictly adhered to for grades EC-2.
  • We will consider children's past education / level and age for entry to grade 3 and above but we expect students to be placed in grades which most nearly approach the expected chronological age for the student. In addition, factors such as the previous national school system, school calendar, maturity and English–speaking ability of the student will be considered when determining grade placement.
  • High school placement is determined by both the student’s age at the time of enrollment, and the number of high school credits that may have been previously earned.
  • The school will not generally enroll a student who will be over the age of nineteen at the time of his or her graduation.
  • If a student coming from the Italian school has entered the Italian system one year early (“la primina”) and then requests admittance to ASM, that student will generally be required to enter the grade appropriate with his/her age, as per our Age Requirement and Grade Placement schema above.