Welcome to the American School of Milan Upper School!



Michael Amodio, the head of our international high school in Milan.


Michael J. Amodio, Ed.D.,

Upper School Principal




With students from over 5o countries, the American school of Milan is a truly international school. Our classrooms are places of discovery, where teachers empower and prepare students with the knowledge, skills and compassion to address real world challenges. We believe that all students can achieve success with caring guidance and positive motivation.

The Upper School staff is proud of the rigorous program we developed to prepare students for the changing world of tomorrow. The future holds new challenges and careers that are very different than those present today. While we do not know for sure what the future jobs will be, we do know that they will demand collaboration, creative and flexible thinkers, competence and a strong work ethic. These habits of mind are woven into our program and modeled by our teachers.

Our International College Prep Focus

We recently moved from a 7 to an 8 period schedule in order to better balance core academic pursuits with the arts, physical education and individual academic interests such as world events, computer science, and Model United Nations. After school, students have the opportunity to participate in a wide-range of activities from varsity sports, community service projects, the musical, and academic clubs focused on science, math and writing. Additionally, we pride ourselves on worldly experience and are very proud to have grade-level groups explore Europe on academic and adventure-based trips to promote strong bonds within the ASM community!

A High School in Milan Focused on the Future

Our school values of respect, curiosity, integrity, courage and kindness guide what we do each day. Realizing that the habits students learn today will shape who they become tomorrow, we strive to reinforce these values on a daily basis through our school policies, actions and day-to-day decisions.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family to our Upper School.



Michael J. Amodio, Ed.D.

Upper School Principal



Dr. Amodio was born and raised in the U.S.A., but has lived in The Gambia and La Ceiba, Honduras before moving to Milan in 2006. He received his BA in Biology from Earlham College, his MAT from Emory University and his EdD in International Educational Leadership from Lehigh University.

After college he spent two years volunteering in a small rural village in The Gambia, West Africa, as a community forestry extensionist. Ironically, he was stationed in an area of the country where all the trees had already been cut down to farm peanuts and millet. In the end, he worked with local groups to set up fruit orchards, gardens and a poultry cooperative. Any free time was spent volunteering as a teacher at a nearby school. He learning to speak Pulaar and made life-long friends who he has visited many times. He credits this amazing experience with a great appreciation for the simple life, nature and the importance of family and friends. He learned to be patient and flexible, and most importantly, he realized that we are all born with the basic human quality of goodness.

Dr. Amodio is married and has two beautiful boys, Pietro and Marco, who are are students at ASM. When not dedicated to fatherhood and school, he is an avid photographer, enjoys making films, snowboarding and exploring Italy.