Student Support

ASM Student Support:
Unlocking Potential in a World of Diversity

ASM believes that difference is an opportunity for learning within an internationally diverse community. Our Student Support Team is made up of English Support teachers, Learning Needs Specialists, and Social-Emotional Counselors who work together to support the growth of our students.

We work closely with our students and their families to maximize opportunities for growth and greater access to all of our programs. Our ASM mission and values are at the core of our Student Support Services, and our team commits to “ inspire students to discover their unique potential and to become curious learners, critical thinkers, and global citizens who positively impact our world.”

See our diverse support programs below:

Multi Lingual Learners (MLL)

ASM is proud of its international diversity. We teach using English and support students from Pre-K to 9th grade with MLL services. We follow WIDA standards and use various methods to help students learn English and improve their understanding of the curriculum. Middle and High School applicants may take an English placement assessment during the application process.

Students with Diagnosed Learning Needs

Our beliefs about Learning Support and Inclusion at ASM We actively support the individual needs of all of our students in a safe, caring, and dynamic environment that allows each student to grow and mature academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.
Admission to the Learning Support Program ASM admits students with diagnosed mild to moderate learning needs such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, or other needs that may impact learning, such as ADHD and ADD.
Learning Support Models Support models are developed to target the student's learning need(s).
Levels of Support Support is targeted for the area of need and is based on the school level/age of the student (elementary, middle, or high school).
Individualized Learning Plans Individualized Learning Plans (ILP’s) are developed for students with diagnosed learning differences and are monitored by our support specialists in grades K-12.
Collaboration with External Specialists ASM collaborates with external specialists with the purpose of supporting students and their families and as a liaison with specialists in the local community.
Parent Partnership and Share Vision of Learning Support ASM believes in a partnership between parents, teachers, and the administration.

Social Emotional Counseling

The ASM Counseling Department is responsible for addressing the academic, social, and emotional needs of students in elementary, middle, and high school. Through individual counseling, group support, classroom lessons, and whole-school initiatives, ASM Counselors respond to the needs of the school year in partnership with students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Counseling programs are catered to the needs of all students and consist of preventative, responsive, and restorative practices. We aim to support all students in academic, social/emotional, career development, and global perspectives. 

Additionally, ASM counselors facilitate the success of students’ transitions by supporting the multicultural and transient nature of our community.