Unity Week
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Giannabella Sacco

October is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month. Unity Week is about bringing together our separate communities to show one unified school.

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Tuition and Fees

ASM is a not-for-profit association that is run by a Board of Trustees currently composed of ASM parents and alumni of the school. Consequently our tuition and fees are designed only to cover the school's operational costs.


Our Fund for Excellence initiative raises fund to bring the extraordinary to ASM above and beyond what is possible through our Tuition and Fees.



Click here for Tuition Fees (2019/2020)


Tuition and Fees FAQ

ASM Tuition and Fees are reviewed annually, by the ASM Board of Directors and published thereafter on-line.

What is the admission application fee?

The admission application fee of euro 300 per child is a non-refundable fee paid upon requesting admission to ASM. It is valid for a maximum period of 12 months from the date of the first application document that is submitted for a student. Should an application continue beyond this 12 month period or be suspended and then re-activated 12 months after the submission of the first application document, the application fee will be again due. The application fee is also re-charged when a family applies for a subsequent academic year for a student, even if the time period is less than 12 months between applications.

Do all students pay the New Student Admissions fee?

All students pay a New Student Admissions fee. Those entering Year 1 of Early Childhood at age 3 pay a reduced fee vs. those students entering subsequent years. This is a one-time fee.

My children attended ASM several years ago and then our family was transferred to another country. Now we are applying to ASM for the next school year. Do we need to pay the New Student Admissions fee again?

No. This is a one-time fee paid in the first year of attendance at ASM.

What is the difference between Private and Corporate Tuition Rates?

Corporate rates are when an individual's employer pays all or part of school tuition/fees for the employee's children. Also included in this category are individuals who may pay tuition directly to ASM, but whose salaries have been adjusted (increased or supplemented) to cover the costs of sending their children to a private institution. Private Tuition Rates are applicable for those families who receive no assistance from an employer to pay, defray or assist in the cost of educating their children.

Do you have discounts for more than one child?

The Tuition and Fee schedule is per child per school year. Families paying the private tuition rates will receive a euro 500 reduction in tuition for the second child attending ASM and a reduction of euro 1000 from the third child. The school also offers loyalty discounts to families after 5 years in attendance at ASM. See the Tuition and Fee Schedule for further details.

Do you have alumni discounts?

Yes. ASM grants a 500 euro discount on tuition to students of ASM alumni. This is 500 euro per child per academic year.

How can I pay the 300 euro admissions application fee?

1. Paypal: ( credit card on-line )
2. In person by credit card, check or in cash at the ASM Business Office.
3. Wire Transfer - request pertinent bank information from the admissions office.

Do I have to lease my Upper School child's laptop from ASM?

While it is strongly encouraged, it is not obligatory. If bringing your own laptop, it must conform to the guidelines outlined in our Laptop Guide.

Do you have a monthly payment plan?

No, tuition is due as per the 3 options listed at the bottom of our Tuition & Fee schedule.


Contact admissions@asmilan.org or phone +39 02 53000015