Special Needs

The American School of Milan thrives from an intercultural environment where the diversity of learners is at the core of its values. ASM sustains the belief that, within an internationally minded community, difference is an opportunity for enriched learning. As such, ASM admits, supports and retains students with mild to moderate learning and academic needs, provided they demonstrate a reasonable ability to be successful in our academic programs. However, ASM is not equipped with all of the services and supports that some special needs schools may offer. We are able to provide LS support both in our elementary and upper schools. However, we have a limit of the number of cases we can support per grade. Each student is considered on a case by case basis.

Therefore, admission of a student with learning needs is contingent upon a match between the level of service offered, availability in our learning support program at the time of application, and the accommodations and requirement needs of the student and family based on official testing provided by the family.

Applicants must submit a comprehensive and up-to-date (obtain within the prior year) psychoeducational evaluation from an appropriate psychometric evaluator (e.g., clinical, neuropsychological, and/or educational psychologist) with a list of recommended accommodations based on the results of the evaluation. If the testing and report are not in English, the family will be required to translate these documents prior to submitting them to ASM.

As a result of appropriate educational testing, new or continuing students may be enrolled in our Learning Support programs for which additional fees may apply. These fees will be reviewed with parents before implementation.

Applicants who have special educational needs not provided by the ASM program may be admitted contingent upon a perceived ability to succeed in the school program and parental agreement to provide required outside resources or at-home educational assistance at their own expense. Exceptions to the above guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Director or in extreme circumstances (e.g. evacuation instances).

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