Age Requirements and Grade Placement

Navigating Age Requirements and Grade Placement at ASM

At the American School of Milan (ASM), we ensure students are placed in the most suitable grade based on their age and educational background. Regardless of when they enroll, students must meet the age criteria for their intended entry grade by August 31st of the school calendar year. Here are the age requirements for each grade level:

 Grade Age by 31st August
 EC1 3 years old
 EC2 4 years old
 KG 5 years old
 1 6 years old
 2 7 years old
 3 8 years old
 4 9 years old
 5 10 years old
 6 11 years old
 7 12 years old
 8 13 years old


We strictly follow this chart for grades EC1 through Grade 2. However, for entry into Grade 3 and above, we consider the student’s previous education and level. We aim to place them in grades that align closely with their chronological age. Additionally, we take into account factors such as the previous national school system, school calendar, maturity, and English proficiency.

For high school placement, we look at the student’s age at enrollment and the number of high school credits they have earned. Therefore, we do not enroll students who will be over the age of nineteen at the time of graduation.

Moreover, we give special consideration to students from the Italian school system. If they entered the Italian system one year early (“la primina”) and seek admission to ASM, they will typically enter the grade appropriate for their age, according to our Age Requirement and Grade Placement policy.

This approach ensures that each student finds an environment conducive to their academic and social development. For more details, please refer to our Grade Equivalent Chart.

Grade Equivalent Chart

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