Director's Welcome

Wayne Rutherford Director of the American School in Milan

Greetings and welcome to the ASM website. Thank you for your interest in our school. My name is Wayne Rutherford and I am the ASM Director. I have been Head of School in four different schools for a total of 20 years. This is my second year at ASM...the first was wonderful in many ways, but also included some...unexpected developments. 

ASM has a 58 year history of serving the American, international, and internationally minded community of Milan. From humble beginnings in an apartment downtown, ASM has become a top-tier international school with outstanding facilities, excellent academic results, and a warm, supportive community of parents dedicated to the school’s success. Diversity is one of our greatest strengths. ASM has students from over 50 nationalities attending our school. I believe that our internationalism and diversity sets us apart from the other schools in Milan. 

ASM is fully accredited by the American accrediting body, The Middle States’ Association of Schools and Colleges. We offer the IB Diploma program, and annually produce results well above the global average (for 2019-20, 25% of our diploma candidates scored 40 or above). We belong to the Mediterranean Association of International Schools, we are supported by the United States Department of Office of Overseas Schools, and we are a leading school in both the Northern Italy International Schools Sports Association (NISSA) and the European Sports Conference (ESC). 

ASM provides students with character-building foundations via service programs, community development, and our core values. In addition, ASM excels at providing students with a ‘passport to the world’ and our graduates attend top universities in the US, Canada, UK, Italy, and other European countries, as well as leading universities in Korea, Japan, the UAE, and other countries.

Last year’s COVID pandemic came to Lombardia early, and we held our last day of on campus school on Feb 14th. After the announcement of school closures, ASM embarked on 17 weeks of online schooling, supporting our learners and learning along with them how best to teach and learn in the digital environment. We are thrilled to have all students back on campus to start the 2020-21 school year, but also aware that we are very fortunate to be on campus. We know that our ability to stay on campus for learning depends on a full community effort to stay healthy, be responsible both when on campus and when away from school, and to do all we can to keep the virus contained. Many freedoms have been compromised in our efforts, but we feel that mask wearing, social distancing, and chapped hands from frequent washing are all better than not being on campus, together, as a community.

I thank you for your interest in ASM and hope you’ll soon be able to visit our campus, tour our facilities, and sense the warmth of our community in person. 

Kind regards, 

Wayne Rutherford

Bio note: Mr. Rutherford grew up in Oregon in the United States and holds two degrees from Stanford University. He has worked at international schools as a High School English teacher (IS Manila), and has been Head of School at Hokkaido International School in Sapporo, Japan; The International School of Dakar, in Senegal; Cairo American College in Egypt; and is now in his 21st year as a school leader. His wife, Yoshiko, is from Sapporo, and their two children are ‘Third Culture Kids’ who attend colleges in the US.