Board of Trustees

The Board is the guardian of the school's mission. It is the Board's responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.

The Board of Trustees serves as the executive branch of the Association for the purpose of exercising control to carry out functions and further the purpose of the Association in directing the business and affairs of the school.

The Board is composed of twelve members. At least nine will be ordinary members, while the remaining three may be honorary members or non-members of the Association.

The mission of the Board of Trustees is to render guidance through policy development, to provide for a program of quality instruction for all students, to ensure responsible fiscal management and administration of the school.

The Board's primary responsibility is to establish policies that ensure that the best possible educational standards are established and that the long-term financial viability of the school is maintained.

The Board delegates the Director the authority to carry out his/her responsibilities and he/she will demonstrate that his/her assigned duties have been carried out to the Board.

The Board establishes committees to assist the Director in her/her role.

The Board is responsible for establishing, reviewing and evaluating policies covering Education, Admission, Personnel and Compensation, Financial budgeting and reporting, Buildings and grounds maintenance and planning, Administration, Short and long-range planning for the long-term viability of the school.

The Board reports to the Association at least twice a year at the general assemblies; and may hold two or more open forum meetings per year.