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ASM senior, Sofie Mogensen, offered a place at University College London

Sofie, class of 2017, started her course at ASM in 10th grade after moving to Milan from Doha, Qatar. She was born in Denmark but considers herself a citizen of the world, having developed an international mindset while traveling and living abroad. Now 17, we interviewed her to see where her road to success leads to next.

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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the American School of Milan, where we have been educating students from more than 50 countries for more than 50 years. Our beautiful campus and modern facilities - the finest in Milan -draws families to our school, but once here, they fall in love with the heart and soul of our wonderful ASM. Family is such a powerful aspect of the Italian culture, and here at ASM it is the sense of family that makes us strong.

Our mission declares that we provide a modern and rigorous education, and we do. This rigor and high expectation for student success is facilitated by our values of accountability, respect and empowerment. We support students in all aspects of their lives and make it possible for students to achieve their goals and prepare for whatever the future holds. As an American school, we also value the American ideal of opportunity for all and the belief that if you work hard and dedicate yourself to powerful personal goals, you can achieve success.

We are proud of our solid and highly qualified and dedicated faculty that is committed to preparing our students for the “changing world of tomorrow” – but also, they are known to be sensitive to and aware of the changing world today. We believe and encourage the idea that the only way to make an impact in the lives of our students and their immediate and global environment is through a passionate quest to learn – and learn more each day.

Each morning, the delight and excitement on the faces of our children is a true window to our school. Parents of preschoolers escort their children to their enthusiastic teachers. Middle schoolers stop by the cafeteria for a quick breakfast before meeting their friends in the library and IB seniors find themselves in school early many days for IB study sessions. On any day, a visitor will see our Film students ( we are the only school in Italy with a fully equipped modern film studio and laboratory) creating a digital short, our art students crafting their masterpieces, our Model United Nations students dressed and ready for intellectual debate.

If you are looking for a caring, positive and modern educational environment for your child’s education, look no further. Our students are able to choose from the finest universities in the world and are encouraged to find the best fit to support their dreams. One visit to ASM and you will know that you have found the best school in Milan for your child.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm regards,

Maureen O. Madden, Director

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