Upper School News

Upper School News

Annual University Fair at ASM

On Tuesday, November 13th, numerous universities from around the world attended our Annual University Fair.

The ASM Annual University Fair welcomes countless universities to come speak to ASM and neighboring students about their campus, curriculum and application process. It is a great opportunity for high school students, who are in the process of choosing the right school, to speak directly with a college admissions representative and get a better understanding of the application process. At ASM we aspire to give our students this opportunity to help open their doors to a successful future.

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Celebrating Street Art in the Upper School

Mrs. Marjerrison's and Miss Emerick's Upper School art students collaborated with Italian street artist, Shine in early October.

Shine shared street art insights and his own story and development as an artist with students. He discussed the values of slowing down and really focusing on one's thinking and creating, no matter the art form. He discussed the importance of connecting with our world, with relationships and with what they create. One of his main topics with technology and the use of it within the art world and how that compares with physical and visual communication. He placed emphasis on the students using their brains and minds when making and designing rather than processing their thinking through an electronic device.

High school students had the chance to create their own form of street art outside in the open air. They learned the challenge of controlling spray paint, to painting and drawing with other media. Middle school students focused on calligraphy as an important art form. Each student explored ways of writing their names and discovered their own style along the way.

This collaboration was made possibly thanks to Loop Colors.

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New Spaces and New Faces

We are thrilled to welcome so many new faces to the Upper School.

Our new staff have seamlessly become part of our academic team. We are also pleased to be sharing our community with many new students who are transitioning well to ASM. Beyond that, our returning ASM community members were treated to something amazing at the start of the year. Twelve new classrooms, a patio recreational space, and outdoor seating adjacent to the cafeteria are some of the things that we are truly excited about here in the Upper School during the first month of school!

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IB Diploma News

ASM is pleased to share the IB results of the class of 2018.

  • For the second year in a row, ASM is very proud to announce that we had a student achieve a perfect score of 45 points, a score earned by less than 0.5% of students world-wide - and only the 5th student in the school's IB history to achieve this score!
  • Two students earned an outstanding 43!
  • This year, the ASM average score was 34 points. As always, we are considerably higher than the world average of 29.78. Our five-year average is a 34.4.
  • As the IB celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, ASM is proud to offer the Diploma program since 1983.

These results are especially rewarding given ASM's encouragement and philosophy to permit all students who wish to try to earn their IB Diploma to sit for the exams. Furthermore, all our students are enrolled and tested in English A, making this accomplishment all the more rewarding.

Please join us in congratulating the IB Diploma candidates of the Class of 2018! We commend their accomplishments after their two years of dedication to learning and commitment to study that brought them to earn their IB Diplomas that send them off to Universities around the world.

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We are proud to announce a 100% pass rate on the Terza Media Exam (Italian 8th Grade Exam)!

After months of hard work and support from our Italian teachers, out of the 23 ASM students who took this exam, 74% scored an 8 or higher with 2 receiving a 10 (the maximum score)!

Each year our results confirm the high standard and excellent preparation of our students. Congratulations 8th graders, we wish you all a great summer!

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