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5th Grade Green Team kicks off Eco Code

Have a heart, do your part!

This year ASM received the Eco-Schools Green Flag and Certificate. Since then, a group of our Green 5th Graders have begun to develop the ASM Elementary School Eco Code, starting off with the with the catch phrase:

Have a 💚, do your part...

Students will be developing ideas and initiatives on how to continue our Growing Green School as we continue to strengthen all of our eco friendly practices. GO GREEN TEAM!

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Gorillas at ASM!

Fourth graders have adopted four gorillas from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) thanks to the Fund for Excellence.

Last fall, fourth grade read Katherine Applegate's The One and Only Ivan, a recipient of the Newberry Medal. It is based on the true story of Ivan, a western lowland gorilla who is taken from his home in Africa to the Pacific Northwest in the United States of America as an infant. At first, he lived with humans in their home until he became too large and was transferred to a 40' x 40' (12m x 12m) cage at a mall. After over twenty years in confined quarters, Ivan was finally able to move to the Zoo Atlanta and live out the rest of his life there.

The fourth-grade students were enthralled with Ivan's story and became fascinated with gorillas as a result. In order to further their learning and foster this newfound concern for endangered animals, fourth grade has symbolically adopted four gorillas from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) thanks to the support of the ASM Fund for Excellence. Donations were made in the names of fourth-grade teachers Leah Dawson, Jeanne Hamilton, Katherine Lamberton, and Jessica Streisel. These donations will help preserve the western lowland gorilla's habitat, build field research programs, and combat immediate threats to animal conservation.

Delighted with the chance to help protect the species they had come to love, fourth grade created an interactive bulletin board located in the lower school to teach their ASM community about the western lowland gorilla. Students, faculty, and parents are invited to measure their hand size, arm span, and height in comparison to a gorilla, read fun facts researched by the fourth grade, and learn more about how they too can protect endangered species.

Fourth graders are also excited to share this information on social media. Recently their class post on Twitter was re-tweeted by Katherine Applegate, the author of the story that inspired them! See screenshot below.

Fourth grade has come to love Ivan and his species, and they're sure that you will too!

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Elementary School Reads for a Greenhouse

The annual read-a-thon is a literacy awareness campaign which focuses on exciting activities and encourages the appreciation of the joy of reading.

This year our Elementary School students will participate in the 4th annual Read-a-Thon to raise funds, as part of the Fund for Excellence, towards the construction of an Elementary School greenhouse! With an emphasis on science and as part of our school-wide "green initiative", students will participate in hands-on activities that promote learning in many areas of Life Science, Recycling, and Biology. We are very excited to read towards achieving our goal!

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Code week kicks-off at ASM with SAMLab workshops

Although a short four-day week due to a local holiday on Friday, ASM is not short on coding activities as we launch our first code week.

Monday kicked off with four classes participating in SAMLabs workshops. With these SAMLab kits, our Kindergarten, grade 2 and 4 classes were introduced to the basics of programming and were able to build their first robot car that they drove around the room!

These workshops were generously sponsored by Samsung Italia and Mr. Digital. As ASM recently purchased some of the SAMLAB kits for our new Design Lab, these coding activities will be continued at almost every grade level throughout the school year so that every student will have the opportunity to learn.

Other initiatives for the week in the elementary school include:

  • Creating binary bracelets in grade 2
  • Visiting the Design Lab for coding and programming activities
  • Opening of the Design Lab during lunch this week as an alternative to recess

In the upper school, code week related activities include

  • IB Computer Science students working with grade 6 technology students
  • Scratch and Python activities in Middle School Math classes
  • Student created code Poster throughout the campus

The purpose of the week is not only on the importance of coding and programming, but also to demonstrate how creativity is an interdisciplinary skill that every student needs to be successful. Coding is not just reserved for the computer science classroom. Coding is art, coding is sports, coding is science, coding is math.. most important - coding is fun!


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