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Giannabella Sacco

Sharon Cyr, Vice Consul of the US Consulate in Milan to present keynote address

Technology and 1:1 Program

1:1 Learning & ASM

One-to-One learning, often seen written as 1:1 is a learning environment where participating students use laptop computers on a “direct and continuous basis throughout the school day and be- yond.” (What is a One-to-One Learning Environment, Montgomery, Bruce 2005) Students are empowered to learn anytime, anywhere, utilizing the power Information Technology unleashes to supplement their learning.

Students advance their learning to levels not possible with traditional pen and paper mediums. They gain the ability to collaborate with classmates in more integrated and advantageous ways, to interact with their learning, gaining a deeper understanding of the subject.

Information Age...

1972 saw the start of the Information Age with the arrival of low cost, powerful computers.

1992 saw the advent of the Knowledge Economy where a business’s success was measured by how well they managed information and knowledge.

2002 saw the arrival of the Intangible Era, where among other factors, success is measured by “what people know and put into use.” (Wikipedia: Information Age, Mar 2007)

1:1 Learning familiarizes students with tools of the times, providing them with advantages necessary to succeed in our modern world. An indication of the impact IT has had on the world, and education in particular, is that many universities now test, in addition to writing, reading and math skills, and the IT skills of entering students. Students scoring below certain levels are required to take mandatory IT classes.

ASM’s Laptop Program

In March 2000, ASM launched the pilot of its laptop program with the installation of its first few access points and the acquisition of 10 wireless laptops. Now, ASM’s wireless net- work covers the entire campus and 400+ laptops are used daily in the school. The program continues to grow and the school is regularly visited from other schools all over Europe, to see and learn from our success.

ASM’s laptop program extends from 6th to 12th grade. As per ASM Board Policy, all these students are required to be present with a fully functioning laptop computer during the school year.

ASM & Dell Computers

ASM has forged a successful relationship with Dell to provide our students with the best possible laptop, balancing power, cost and support so that your child is focused on their learning, not on problems with their laptop.

ASM Help Desk

Located in our Library is ASM’s Help Desk. At the Help Desk, students receive a full range of support for their laptop, from problems with hardware, software or general questions; our staff are there for the students. By having our own Help Desk at the school, student problems are often fixed within minutes.