Middle School Program (6-8)

The American School of Milan's Middle School Program is tailored to international and internationally-minded students in grades 6-8. The program provides an opportunity to learn in a multi-cultural environment which promotes awareness and understanding of diverse cultures and supports students’ emerging independence by allowing them greater levels of responsibility for their actions and achievements. Our aim at ASM, is to provide a smooth transition from childhood through adolescence by offering a caring, safe, and supportive climate that enhances our school values: empowerment, respect and accountability.

ASM offers middle school students a wide range of exploratory opportunities, academic and otherwise. We incorporate a variety of teaching strategies and assessment techniques which focus on active, student-centered learning in core and elective subject areas. We are aware that students think and learn in a variety of styles and that we must accommodate them by using diversified instructional materials and techniques, including problem-solving in teams so that students learn to look beyond themselves and acquire self-confidence in their abilities to contribute their unique gifts and talents to the group.

Technological proficiency is an important component of the program and we incorporate National Educational Technology standards into all subject areas and monitor students’ acquisition of 21st century skills in reports twice a year. All students in our international middle school must be responsible for creating and maintaining their own E portfolio. Middle school students also participate in faculty-led community service projects focusing on serving our own community and the local Milan area in order to develop students’ community awareness and a sense of responsibility towards others.

Program Highlights include:

  • Core Subjects: Math, Science, English and Humanities
  • Language B options: Italian, French and Spanish
  • Electives: Theatre, Robotics, Digital Art, Movie-making, Programming, PE...
  • Music Program with concert choir, string orchestra and instrumental music via a pull-out program
  • October Field trip program to enhance classroom learning and bond with other students and teachers
  • ELL program for English Language Learners
  • National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
  • Counseling services

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