Warm Welcome on a Rainy Monday
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Giannabella Sacco

We were excited to see so many ASM students walk through the doors this morning.

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ABRSM Results are In!
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Giannabella Sacco

ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music, delivering over 650000 music exams and assessments every year in 93 countries.

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Donate your 5 x 1000 to ASM
Giannabella Sacco

The Italian Government offers tax payers the option of devolving 5x1000 of their taxes, so the 0.5% of Income Tax rate, in favor of universities, non-profit organizations and activities with a social purpose.

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College/University Guidance

The goal of ASM’s university counseling office is to help our students identify the appropriate "fit" for all post-secondary options. “Fit” is defined as finding an institution that meets the academic, emotional, geographical and financial needs of the student. This improves a student’s likelihood of graduation from a chosen college, as well as ultimate success in their chosen field of work.

The university counselor will guide the students towards autonomy and emphasize the following important aspects of the admissions process:

  • Attention to detail and organization (helping students gain control of applications and deadlines)
  • Self-Knowledge (helping students to discover and articulate their strengths)
  • Education (helping students to research all academic programs)

The ASM University Counselors present information periodically throughout the year at ASM. Beginning in the spring of the junior year or by request, the counselors offer customized university consultation for students and their families; the individualized counseling relationship continues through to the end of the application process. Working together, students, parents and counselors generate recommendations for prospective universities. Furthermore, in a series of University Preparation lessons, the counselors advise the students about a strategy for the process, including required test-taking, college visits, essay writing and presenting oneself, and an overall timeline for the process.

Additionally throughout the year, admissions representatives from universities around the world travel to ASM to meet students. The purpose of their visits is to speak with students about particular colleges and to answer questions about the application process. At this time, students may sign up to receive college admissions mailings, and admissions interviews may also be arranged.

University Counselors

Please note that counselors are assigned by alphabet. Please see below for each class.

Class of 2019:

Last names A-L: Mrs. Karathanasis

Last names M-Z: Ms. Westmoreland

Classes of 2020, 2021, 2022:

A-K: Mrs. Karathanasis, mkarathanasis@asmilan.org

L-Z: Ms. Westmoreland, vwestmoreland@asmilan.org

Ms. Westmoreland is also the SAT Coordinator, and Mrs. Karathanasis is the IB CAS Coordinator.