World Languages

ITALIAN FOR NATIVE SPEAKERS AND ITALIAN LANGUAGE B Language development is vital in supporting our school’s mission. The ability to use and understand language, both written and spoken, is increasingly important in our world. To this end, it is ASM’s goal to develop high levels of language proficiency in English language as well as respecting the culture and language of our host country, Italy. Our world language program includes Italian for Native speakers, Italian for beginning students and Italian for intermediate students.

ITALIAN LANGUAGE A - FOR NATIVE SPEAKERS Students in Italian A follow the Italian National Curriculum to prepare for the Terza Media in eighth grade. Our Elementary Italian language A program begins in Kindergarten through fifth grade. The focus is on history, geography, and literacy.

ITALIAN LANGUAGE B - AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE Students in Italian B program are non-Italian speakers and may be placed in beginning or intermediate Italian. Students are exposed to basic Italian vocabulary, reading and writing as well as developing an appreciation of the Italian culture and its customs.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS (ELL) English is the primary language of instruction at ASM and as such we value the importance of developing literacy in English at an early age. Students from first to fifth grade will be tested using the WIDA English assessment tool, which determines the child’s English language level. Student may be eligible to receive English language support through our English Language Specialist. Beginning English speakers will receive additional support in small groups as well as in-class support. In addition to this, we offer an after school English club to reinforce English for beginners. Students enrolled in beginning ELL will not be eligible for Italian Language B as they will attend ELL classes for language learning.