Technology and Makerspace


The elementary technology program is embedded into the regular classroom instruction. The focus is for students to use technology as a resource to connect to the curriculum in meaningful ways. Every classroom is equipped with Ipads and targeted software to enhance learning.

Through classroom lessons, students explore a variety of digital media and express ideas through the creation of digital products. Students learn to become more proficient with various programs and applications as they progress through the elementary grades.

They will regularly use See Saw, a digital portfolio to provide parents with updates on their progress.


A makerspace can be defined as “A space designed and dedicated to hands-on creativity, allowing students to actually make some kind of physical or digital product.” John Spencer.

By becoming familiar with the design cycle and engaging in problem based learning, students develop an understanding of engineering and technology through Makerspace activities.

Teachers collaborate with the technology and science specialists to integrate curricular content that extends learning into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) areas.