Kindergarten - 5th Grade Curriculum

Overview of Curriculum

Our curriculum in all subject areas is based on international standards and learning benchmarks. These standards and benchmarks illustrate what we believe to be the most important concepts, knowledge and skills at each grade level.

In Math and Literacy, we have adopted Common Core Curriculum Standards which are recognized by the International Baccalaureate as an effective learning pathway for success in the Diploma Program.

Next Generation Science Standards in grades K-5 provide the framework for the science curriculum. Our ASM Makerspace supports project-based learning and is intended as a STEM lab to provide meaningful and authentic problem solving opportunities.

Throughout the elementary years, starting as early as Kindergarten, children explore the arts, music, physical education, world languages, science, technology and library science. Children also attend Italian for both native and non-native speakers. Native speakers follow the Italian national language curriculum to develop and maintain their Italian. Beginning English speakers are supported by our English language teachers to focus on developing basic language competence.

All children participate in regular guidance lessons through our Social and Emotional Curriculum PATHS© Program (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies) Students are instructed on fundamental ‘soft’ skills that promote cooperation, responsibility and self-regulation as the basis to their social/emotional development. We believe that these are as essential as their academic progress to support their learning.

Students diagnosed with mild to moderate learning needs are provided with targeted support in math, literacy and phonics. Our learning support specialists design lessons with small groups both inside the classroom setting or in additional sessions outside of the class.

Additional Curriculum