Social Studies In K-2nd Grade

Units of inquiry focus on history or geography and are designed to enhance students’ understanding of the world around them as well as an appreciation of the past and the present.

Kindergarten Social Studies Include:

› Who are the people in our school community that help us learn?

› How do we collaborate to form communities that consist of different social structures and elements, which provide for our well-being?

› What do the qualities of independence, nature of self, confidence, risk-taker, cooperation and responsibility look like as we get older?

First Grade Social Studies Include:

› Where in your community do you like to eat? Play? Shop?

› Who can help you in an emergency?

› What do grownups do all day?

› What do community helpers do to prepare for their jobs?

› What are rights and responsibilities?

› How do adults practice good citizenship?

› How do children practice good citizenship?

› What is a law? A rule? What are manners?

› Why is Earth Day celebrated?

› What do people celebrate around the world?

› How are celebrations around the world similar and different?

Second Grade Social Studies Include:

› How does where we come from affect who we are?

› How does where we live affect who we are?

› How do people interact in the world?

› What do humans need to survive?

› What is the difference between a want and need?

› How would your life be different if only your survival needs were met?

› As people who have their basic needs met, what can we do to support those who don’t? Should you help?