Curriculum Overview

We provide a coherent, student-centered elementary school academic curriculum that is built around these key features:


Developmental: We strive for the continuous growth of children in their understanding of skills and concepts, and thus provide a developmentally-appropriate curriculum.


Purposeful: Our curriculum is engaging, relevant, and challenging. Children learn best when they see the connections between subjects and when their work directly relates to their own lives.


Inquiry-Based: We provide an environment of activity,discourse, and reflection, with an emphasis on learning how to learn and how to find out. In the process of learning, children question, collaborate, communicate, prove, experiment, and pose and solve problems.


Intercultural: As the leading international elementary school in Milan, the cultural diversity represented among our families is of great value to our program. Children's experiences with varied geographies, customs and cultures, and perspectives are significant aspects of our curriculum and bring richness and vitality to our classrooms.



Individualized: Instruction is offered in varied and flexible groupings, depending on the changing needs of children.


Integrated: The subject areas of science and social studies are taught through interdisciplinary units which help children to deepen their understanding and make connections across disciplines.

You may view a grade level overview of our curriculum by viewing the Elementary Program of Studies on the right of this page.