Social Learning

Children between the ages of 3-5 build close relationships with adults and peers, increasing their self-confidence and sense of competency. Children develop social skills at an early age and continue through lifelong experiences of relating with others. Much emphasis is placed on how to respect the needs and feelings of others as well as to develop  empathy and the ability to express their emotions through language. 

During the early years, children are inquisitive, take initiative, and are motivated to pursue what interests them. They begin to solve problems that develop during their activities, and to work together with others.



  • Express choices, decisions, and plans

  • Express feelings and pose solutions when problems arise

  • Take initiative to get own needs met

  • Cooperate in routines

  • Relate to adults and peers

  • Make friends with other children

  • Engage in working together with peers

  • Express feelings

  • Offer solutions to problems

  • Resolve conflicts with peers