In all of our classes, children are learning to think about mathematics in two main areas:

(1) developing a good sense of numbers using concrete objects including concepts of correspondence, counting, cardinality, and comparison;

(2) describing shapes in their everyday environment. Exploring and developing number sense is fundamental and age readiness allows us to further extend learning as children are more ready for greater understanding of these concepts. Children develop an understanding of basic math concepts by manipulating, comparing, counting, and sorting objects. They use various hands-on materials, such as pattern blocks, unit blocks, and geometric shapes. They begin to develop an understanding of the relationship between a numeral and a given quantity and begin to recognize patterns in their world and connect them to their daily lives.


Mathematics Objectives:

  • Count orally and recognize and write numerals 1 to 12

  • Count objects 1 to 12 using 1:1 correspondence

  • Add numbers, using up to 5 objects

  • Look for and discover a variety of patterns in the environment

  • Arrange objects in a graduated series (e.g., smallest to biggest)

  • Recognize some two-dimensional shapes

  • Describe measurements of comparison (e.g. , empty, full, faster, slower)