Early Childhood Program | American School of Milan

Our Early Childhood classrooms are a dynamic and exploratory environment which promotes learning through play and encourages positive socialization skills. Through experience, children construct ideas of the world around them, building on their existing knowledge. These formative years play a fundamental role for future learning and are an important part of their developmental milestones.

Children are encouraged to develop their English language skills and to communicate ideas in different ways through problem solving and collaboration with others. Structured and unstructured activities, help children to develop their hand and eye coordination, their fine motor skills and gross motor skills,  as well as explore the world around them.  Their classroom environment promotes inquiry and collaboration with others.

Pre-academic exposure is informal and based on the individual needs, interests, and development of each child. Themes are central to units and can range from several weeks to several months. Topics such as Me and My World, Changing Seasons, and Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes are some examples of units explored.