Assessment And Reporting

Assessment in Early Childhood is conducted through observations, and guided by developmental  benchmarks.  Teachers regularly assess  student progress by:

  • Identifying what and how the student is thinking and learning
  • Analyzing the achievements of the student and identifying areas for improvement
  • Setting goals for learning and reflecting on strengths and weaknesses

Parent teacher conferences are held twice a year,  first in the fall and then again in the spring.    Conferences are valuable moments for parents to meet with their child’s teachers. This is also an opportunity for teachers to share academic, social and emotional strengths and goals and for parents to gain an understanding of how best they can support learning.

In January and June, families receive official student report documents which provide  feedback on progress of grade level standards, as well as on students’ attitudes to learning and social skills.  

Parents will also be able to monitor their child’s progress regularly in all areas of their learning through Seesaw, a digital portfolio platform.