Early Childhood Curriculum (Ages 3 to 5)

The Early Childhood Program is where children between the ages of 3-5 learn through exploration in a hands-on environment to discover the world around them. Our program is divided into a PreSchool class of 3 year olds, a PreKindergarten class of 4 year olds and a combined class. All children are guided to develop targeted skills and experiences that are aligned to  their development age and readiness for learning. 

All children are encouraged to explore and ask questions about their surroundings and participate in structured activities that build on their knowledge and prepare them for  Kindergarten. Our view of Early Childhood stems from the belief that children possess  unique strengths.  They are curious and develop at different stages. 

The view of the ‘whole child’ reflects our philosophy that we must nurture children’s social-emotional development, their language and communication skills, and their cognitive and physical development.  The program is designed to provide children with purposeful exploration about the world around them, as well as to introduce pre academic skills and areas such as music and the arts.  Children are encouraged to develop independence and autonomy and to learn to collaborate with others.