Welcome to the Elementary School!

A Unique Kind of Elementary School in Milan

We believe in an inclusive learning environment that offers both rigor and balance, where children are challenged to develop their abilities in literacy, math and science as well as to explore their talents through the arts, music and sports. We are proud of our traditions at ASM and have been working with international and local families for over 50 years.

Our highly qualified professional teaching staff implements a variety of approaches for optimal learning each day. Guided by American Core Language Arts standards, literacy instruction is based on the Reading and Writing Workshop approach supported by a structured phonics program from Kindergarten to grade 2 as students learn to read.  Throughout the entire elementary school students develop reading and writing skills through the study of rich content which inspires curiosity and critical thinkers.  Our mathematics curriculum emphasizes building a deeper understanding of math and number sense guided by the American Common Core Math Standards.

Preparing Our Students For A Successful Future

Committed to preparing our students for today’s interconnected world, technology is integrated into classroom instruction through the use of laptops, tablets and interactive white boards and are supported by our elementary technology integration specialist. Students explore global issues and our world through Social Studies Units of Inquiry are designed using the UbD framework. Our newly designed Science Units of Inquiry are built around Next Generation Science Standards and are supported by a weekly interactive STEM lab session with our elementary Science specialist. Our core curriculum is further enhanced with Italian language instruction for native speakers and second language learners. We offer learning support for students with mild to moderate learning needs in grades K-5 and offer English as a second language (ELL) for students who are developing their English proficiency.

We believe that “how children learn is as important as what they learn”. All of our teachers are trained in Responsive Classroom techniques, which help to support a positive school climate guide social skills development through the PATHS Curriculum led by our elementary school counselor.

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