Upper Elementary

Shaping the Future:
A Comprehensive Curriculum and Supportive Learning Environment at ASM

Our curriculum is globally recognized and adheres to the highest international standards, ensuring a comprehensive education across all subjects. We focus on the Common Core Curriculum Standards for math and literacy, integrating humanities content knowledge into our literacy curriculum. Starting with ancient civilizations in grade 3 and progressing to Sustainable Development Goals in grade 5, our approach enriches reading and writing skills through engaging content. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) inform our science curriculum for grades 3-5, led by a dedicated teacher facilitating weekly lab lessons. Students dive deep into science domains, engaging in inquiry, model-building, and applying the scientific method.

Elementary students at our school enjoy a vibrant learning environment that embraces the arts, music, physical education, world languages, science, technology, and library science. Italian language instruction caters to both native and non-native speakers, with native speakers following Italy’s national curriculum. Additionally, we provide specialized support for English language beginners, ensuring every child finds their place and voice in our community. Our curriculum extends beyond academics to include regular social and emotional skills lessons, which we consider vital for students’ overall development and learning.

Understanding that each student has unique learning needs, we offer targeted support for those with mild to moderate math, literacy, and phonics challenges. Our specialists design small-group lessons, both in and outside the classroom, tailored to individual needs. This personalized approach helps students succeed and reach their full potential.

Global Standards Adhering to international benchmarks in education.
Inquiry-Based Learning Hands-on science and humanities education.
Arts & Languages Broad exposure to arts, music, and world languages, including Italian.
Social & Emotional Growth Emphasizing the importance of social and emotional skills.
Personalized Support Tailored assistance for students with learning needs.

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