Lower Elementary

Comprehensive Learning Journey:
International Standards and Holistic Education

Academic Excellence and Holistic Development

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to meet and exceed international standards across all subjects, emphasizing the Common Core Curriculum Standards for math and literacy. We embrace the Next Generation Science Standards, providing a robust science education through hands-on lab lessons conducted by specialized teachers. This comprehensive approach ensures students engage deeply with various domains of science, applying the scientific method to observe, hypothesize, analyze, and present their findings.

In addition to rigorous academic training, our program offers a rich exploration of the arts, music, physical education, world languages (with a focus on Italian for both native and new learners), technology, and library science. This well-rounded education is complemented by targeted support for students with learning needs in math, literacy, and phonics, ensuring personalized attention for academic enhancement.

Social and Emotional Growth

Central to our educational philosophy is the development of the whole child. We prioritize social and emotional learning as much as academic achievement, providing regular guidance lessons focused on cooperation, responsibility, and self-management. Our dedicated English language support for beginners and our social and emotional curriculum work in tandem to foster an environment where every student can thrive, socially, emotionally, and academically.

By combining rigorous academic standards with a strong emphasis on social and emotional growth, our program prepares students for success both in and out of the classroom.

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