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We place a high value on the health and well-being of our students and school employees. We have designed this webpage as a resource to help our community stay informed on how we are responding to current and breaking news regarding COVID-19.

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    The coronavirus (now officially named COVID-19) has been declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) and uncertainty around this can bring about fear and worry with our students. It is important to remember our children are looking towards us for reassurance and cues on how to react and respond. 

    Five strategies to build resilience, and have reassuring conversations with kids are:

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    ASM Wellness Challenge

    Organized by ASM School Counselors

    In an effort to promote wellness amidst this time away from school, ASM school counselors started a wellness challenge!

    Step 1: Decide which wellness activity you would like to participate in to provide balance to your day. This might be anything such as painting, meditating, hiking, playing soccer, or maybe even a TikTok dance.

    Step 2: Make a video or take a picture of yourself (and/or your friends or family) doing the activity.

    Step 3: Drop your photo or video here.



    Fun Indoor Activities


    Click here for additional Resources provided by the International School Counselor Association.

    Click here for more statistics that provide a clearer picture of the risk at different age ranges:

    *Resource includes book choices, articles, podcast suggestions, videos, mindfulness exercises, WHO information, High School particular information, as well as visuals for maintaining wellbeing and staying scheduled.