Fundraising and Gift Acceptance Policy

This policy states the principles, rules and guidelines to be followed for the acceptance of donations.

The Admissions and Advancement Office of ASM

The Board of Trustees created the Admissions and Advancement Office of ASM by resolution on December 16, 2010. The Admissions and Advancement Office is charged with accepting donations and coordinating fundraising activities in accordance with the rules and principles specified in this policy to ensure that no other fundraising efforts compete with the priorities established by ASM.

The Admissions and Advancement Office will coordinate all fundraising activities in accordance with the following aims:

  1. provide continuity of message in building understanding and support for ASM funding needs;
  2. avoid conflict and duplication of effort in each fundraising program;
  3. maximize donations received from potential donors;
  4. provide a complete accounting and audit trail of all monies donated to ASM in coordination with the Business Office.

The Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization (hereinafter “PTO”) fundraising objectives must be in line with the Board of Trustees approved fundraising initiatives under the ASM Fund For Excellence. A single donation in cash may not exceed the maximum amount set by Italian Law.

Principles and Rules Governing Fundraising

1.Fundraising activities carried out by ASM shall comply with all relevant laws relating to the transfer of title of the donated items.

2.Any communication to the public made in the course of carrying out fundraising activities shall be truthful, non-deceptive and in compliance with the law.

3.All costs and fees associated with any donation shall be borne by the donor. ASM shall be responsible for the maintenance of any donation it accepts and reserves the right to discard any donated item at such time as it is deemed that the item is unsafe, obsolete or no longer serves a useful purpose.

4.Although ASM shall not have any legal obligation to honor the intent of the donor, ASM shall make every reasonable effort to honor such intent regarding the use of the donation as long as it complies with the policies, rules and principles of ASM and, in particular, with this fundraising policy.

5.Financial contributions will only be accepted in accordance with the ethical principles upheld by ASM and that are contained in ASM’s policies.

6.The acceptance of a donation will not imply any favor for the donor and/or any student attending ASM.

7.ASM retains the right to accept or decline a donation.

Fund for Excellence

1.The ASM Director and the Advancement and Communication Committee will submit the scope of the ASM Fund for Excellence project for each year or for multiple years to the Board of Trustees for approval, prior to its launch.

2.In accordance with the strategic and financial plans approved the previous fiscal year, annual fund goals are to be determined through an assessment by the Admissions & Advancement Office. The expected levels of giving for the upcoming year will take into consideration historical data.

3.The Advancement & Communications Committee and the Director will identify projects and programs which may be funded by the projected monies available through annual giving.

4.Board of Trustees approval is required for all donations (cash, goods, gifts-in-kind or property) exceeding euro 10,000.00.