Cinque x Mille Donation

The Italian Government offers tax payers the option of devolving 0.5% of their taxes to not-for-profit organizations. This option is known as the “Cinque per mille” (or 5 x 1000).

Thanks to the “Cinque per Mille” scheme, parents and friends of ASM have the opportunity of devolving to the American School of Milan, as a recognized association, €5 out of every €1,000 of taxes they pay to the Italian State. We strongly encourage you to donate your “Cinque per Mille” to the school. In this way you will be investing in your child’s education and the future of the school.

How can I do this?

You can make your donation through your CUD, UNICO or 730 tax declaration forms (see the image below).

All you need is the Codice Fiscale tax code of the American School of Milan to place on your form: 80094230150

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact either the Business Office or Advancement Office on 02-5300.0049.

(In italiano)

Il Cinque per Mille

E' possibile investire nella scuola e nel futuro dei vostri figli devolvendo il vostro “5 x 1000” all’American School of Milan.

Firma e inserisci il codice fiscale dell’American School of Milan sulla tua dichiarazione dei redditi:80094230150