ASM Fund for Excellence

In October 2014, ASM launched the Fund for Excellence as a fundraising effort to bring the extraordinary to ASM. Our goal is to raise € 150,000 + per year to make these ideas a reality!

Since its inception five years ago, we are pleased to report that we have raised € 905,585 to fund 70 extraordinary projects that have positively touched our children's lives.

We are now accepting donations to continue to bring the extraordinary to ASM.

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Specifically, the Fund for Excellence was created to offer resources for learning opportunities and inspiring educational initiatives that go beyond existing academic programs. These initiatives are designed to inspire our children and may include but are not limited to:

  • Invitations to professional experts in a variety of fields to visit ASM to work with our students. This could include scientists, artists and "Writers in Residence!"
  • Fund specialized equipment (for science, music, art, etc.) to inspire and facilitate hands-on learning to target learning.
  • Organize conferences, workshops and student exchanges for both students and teachers that will diversify the quality of ASM curriculum offerings.

Keep checking back to follow our progress throughout the year!

If you have any queries, please call the Advancement Office on 02.5300.0049 or email us at