Community Service

Why Community Service?

Engaging in community service is an important way of learning more about yourself and the world around you. In addition to building character and helping those in need, it is also a way to develop your skills, broaden your perspectives on reality, and explore different career possibilities.  Universities and future employers are looking for those who will contribute positively to society, so participating in service projects is a great way to build your CV and distinguish yourself as an agent of change.

ASM students are expected to participate in meaningful service throughout their high school years.  9th and 10th graders specifically have to complete at least 25 hours of community service projects per year. IB Diploma candidates (11th-12th graders only) have a CAS requirement, which is an 18 month program of diverse experiences in three domains: Creativity, Activity and Service.  These students do not have specific hour requirements, but are expected to engage outside of the classroom and document their learning through reflection and feedback.


What counts (and doesn’t count) for community service?

  • Ideally service should satisfy an authentic need of the community, therefore seeking out opportunities in the local area is best

  • Service hours can also be done at school, but can only be done during these times: before school, after school, or during independent study periods (pre-planned with the teacher)

  • 1 hour = 1 hour, no double hours awarded for ‘hard to fill’ jobs

  • Band, Orchestra and Choir are all electives that do not give service hours, but IB students can count this as “creativity” experience for CAS

  • Musical performers do not get service credit, but IB students can count this as “creativity” experience for CAS

  • Elementary Musical volunteers may get service hours (students chosen via interview by the musical directors)

  • Sports: Playing a sport doesn’t count for service, though it counts for CAS “activity” experience for IB students

  • Students cannot be paid to volunteer


How can students track their service hours or experiences?

  • 9th-10th grade: submit through ECollect forms on PowerSchool.

  • 11th and 12th grade (IB students only): CAS experiences are documented on ManageBac.


Who can you ask if you have questions about community service?

Each student at ASM has an advisor who guides them through the process of finding the right community service for them.



Shelbie Ely

Middle School Counselor

Marjorana Karathanasis

University Counselor and IB CAS Coordinator

Oulaya Samhoun

9-12 Counselor