University Acceptances, Class of 2020
  • upper school
Giannabella Sacco

Congratulations to some of our seniors who have already received offers from universities!

  • Upper School
Read-A-Thon Campaign
  • elementary
Giannabella Sacco

We are excited to launch our 5th annual ASM Read-A-Thon!

  • elementary
Facing Climate Change At ASM
  • all school
Giannabella Sacco

2019 will be remembered as the year Greta Thunberg galvanized millions of young people to petition governments all over the world to take action against global warming. 

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Alumni visiting ASM

If you are an alum and you live in Milan or are planning a trip here, whether for a holiday or business, you are always welcome back on campus. Not only do we encourage alumni to visit our campus, we truly enjoy the time we spend together. The perspectives, stories and memories of former students, staff and parents are cherished as they add to our understanding of ASM’s history. We are also very proud of our school, the new projects and improvements that we have carried out and we want to show them off!

To organize your campus visit, please email or call +39 02 53000047