A Biodiversity & Sustainability Project

The Learning Forest is an extraordinary Biodiversity and Sustainability Project funded by the Fund for Excellence. It will be developed on ASM grounds and approximately 8 m wide and 80 m long on the elementary side of the field. Development is planned to begin in the Fall of 2024.

The Learning Forest will promote discovery, learning, and play in a natural environment populated with trees, flowers, and structures that can be used to take learning outdoors. Dedicated areas such as an amphitheater, a mud kitchen, a gazebo, picnic tables, and informative pathway stations such as pollinator ‘hotels’ and bio-acoustic analysis of fauna are just some examples of what the Learning Forest will offer our students.


ASM is collaborating with 3Bee, a local nature-tech company that monitors, protects, and regenerates biodiversity through technological solutions that safeguard pollinators, plants, and life on Earth. 3Bee aims to empower children with hands-on experiences, fostering a deeper understanding of biodiversity conservation.


3Bee aims to

Educate children about the importance of biodiversity conservation
• Encourage active participation in monitoring and protecting biodiversity
• Develop critical thinking skills related to environmental issues
• Cultivate a sense of environmental stewardship and responsibility


We Need Your Help!
Fund a Tree, Plant a Legacy!

Would you like to participate in developing the Learning Forest?
You can adopt a tree or structure and dedicate it to those you care about most!


All structures will include a nameplate, associated QR code,
and a message or video from the group represented.

What do our Students say about the Learning Forest?

Our students of all ages are very excited about the Learning Forest.
Members of the Greenies, Eco Warriors, Green Team, and Student Council(s) have been involved with this fantastic initiative.