Reopening Plan 2020-2021

Last Update July 3, 2020  Check back for updates

Not a New Normal, but a Better Normal


Detailed Reopening Guidelines

Elementary School

Upper School

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ASM Safety and Hygiene Protocols


ASM Parents say ASM has been the best at delivering
Online Learning:

“I was thoroughly impressed with the communication and how you quickly organized and brought the remote learning online.”

“Thanks to the proximity of all of us working from home, I was able to see that the quality of learning was the same level as in the classroom.”

“I’ve been so proud of how ASM dealt with this COVID 19 crisis immediately, so my children have had seamless learning until now."

  • 9-acre campus with much space to use for learning

  • 21 new classrooms in 2019 and the new Auditorium. Offering greater flexibility in ensuring social distancing requirements

  • Increased cafeteria space, allowing for distancing or perhaps additional learning space

  • Small class sizes; meeting social distancing requirements

“We are committed to do all we can to keep our students and faculty safe”