Bus Information

ASM provides an extensive bus service in/around Milan.

The bus service covers the following areas of Milan and is organized based on pick-up points, and not on a door-to-door basis. Busses are the large touring busses and therefore can not access all areas of the city. 

  • Milan City
  • Arese
  • Basiglio - Milano 3 & Cascina Vione
  • Segrate - Milano 2
  • San Donato

Buses leave the school promptly at 3:45. For students who sign-up for ASM's after-school activity program, a late bus service is provided leaving at 5:30. This is a reduced stop service designed to get children closer to their homes in the city or in the suburbs.

How does it work?

Bus routes are decided at the start of the school year based upon where families live, route restrictions and the general outline of where our buses usually run from.

It is always best to check with the Admissions office as to the availability of a stop in your area BEFORE renting accommodation as we do not publish our list of bus stops for security purposes.

  • Bus monitors (a second adult in addition to the driver) are present on all our buses
  • Our buses are either full size touring buses, or, at times, small coaches
  • All ASM students can sign up for the bus, including Early Childhood students
  • A Late Bus service is available for students who register for ASM after-school activities
  • Due to space and insurance issues, parents are NOT allowed to ride the buses
  • Bus costs can be found in our Tuition Fee schedule.

For any queries on the Bus service, please email bus-info@asmilan.org