How does admissions work during Covid19?

The application process is completed entirely online.
Please check out the videos here to get a feel for the ASM facilities and community!

Regarding the entrance test, we conduct MAP screener tests for English and Math online. Instructions will be sent to the applicant’s parent or guardian prior to the agreed test date.

Please note that we may request screen-sharing and video functions during the test to ensure that students do not use the Internet or get help from a third party to complete the tests. We may also request that the applicant complete an additional writing task.

What makes ASM unique?
There are many things that we think make us unique in Milan, here are just a few:

  • International student body with 50+ nationalities
  • Large, green 9-acre campus
  • Modern, clean, spacious facilities - all in one campus
  • Strong academic focus - IB Diploma program, advanced math classes, SATs
  • 7 state-of-the art science laboratories
  • Motion picture film studio complete with green screen and editing room
  • One of the most technologically advanced schools in Europe (laptop program, wi-fi, netbooks, robotics, maker space, movie-making etc)
  • Two large gyms
  • Friendly, dedicated faculty
  • Happy students
  • Excellent bus service in and around Milan.

Do you offer boarding facilities?
No, we offer no boarding facilities. Students must be living with at least one parent who is a resident in the Milan area to attend ASM.

We are moving mid-year. Can my child start once the school year has begun?
Yes, students start at all times of the year, where we have availability. As an international school we operate rolling admissions to accommodate families that move at times that do not coincide with the start of our school year.

Can my child enter the last year of high school (grade 12)?
ASM offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program for the final two years of high school, grades 11 and 12. Therefore, your child can finish their studies at ASM if they have already taken IB courses in grade 11 which match the IB courses ASM offer. Please note that IB curriculum can vary school-to-school and it is important that you check that their current IB curriculum matches that at ASM.

Pending availability, we may make exceptions in admitting a student into grade 12 if they want to disregard the IB Diploma and receive only the American High School Diploma. However, this exception is made on a case by case basis.

Do you have a summer school/camp?
ASM is closed over the summer for maintenance and renovation. Unfortunately we have no summer programs available.

Once I apply for a place, is my child's place guaranteed?
An application alone is no guarantee of a place. A place is only guaranteed once you have received an official acceptance letter from the school and you have completed the registration process in full.

What are school hours?
School starts at 8:50am and ends at 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

Do you offer a special needs program?

We are able to provide some support both in our elementary and upper schools, as well as offer accommodations for students with mild to moderate needs. Each student is considered on a case by case basis. For more information please contact the Admissions office.

My child speaks little or no English, can you take him?
We do recommend that non-English speakers start the school in our Early Childhood or Kindergarten programs, but may accept children up to grade 2 with no English. We do not accept students who have not studied in English past grade 4. Please see our English language requirements for more information.

If your child fulfills the entrance requirements of the school, we will be able to offer him/her EAL (English as an additional language) in the middle school (although not for beginners). Students entering grades 9-12 will need to demonstrate a high proficiency in English, both spoken and written, in order to be accepted. These students will usually be coming from another English-speaking school.

What languages are offered?
All elementary school students in Kindergarten and higher study Italian as a second language in one of three levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced/mother-tongue. In the Upper School, students can choose from Italian, Spanish or French.

What Electives do you offer?

In grades 6-12 we offer such electives as robotics, newsroom, digital art and photography, movie making, studio art, choir, theater, band, strings orchestra, dance workout, lifelong fitness, PE and more.
In the Elementary school we offer "Specials": these are art, general music/strings, library/film studio, science lab experiments, Italian, PE and technology.

Do you offer an after-school program?
Yes, Mondays through Thursdays there is a rich selection of sports and fun activities for students in Kindergarten and above.

Varsity sports
Students in grades 9-12 may participate in our Varsity sports program.  ASM belongs to two sports associations, the Northern International Schools Sports Association (NISSA) and the European Sports Conference (ESC). Varsity sports at ASM is a competitive program and we play against other international schools in and around Milan. The sports are: cross-country, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis, soccer, cheerleading.

Where do your students go to university?
With such a diverse student body, our students go to universities far and wide. The main destinations are the USA, UK and Italy but some go to Japan, South Korea, Canada and other locations.