Early Childhood Entry Requirements

  • ASM offers 2 years of Early Childhood (EC) grades 1 &2 before students can begin Kindergarten.
  • Students entering our Early Childhood Unit 1st year must be 3 years old by August 31st before entering our 1st year. They must be socially and emotionally ready to relate appropriately to their peers and able to participate in a full day of learning activities.
  • In order to start school children must be able to use the bathroom without adult assistance, meaning that they need to be able to undress themselves, use the toilet autonomously and be able to wash their own hands. Children also need to be self-aware enough to know when they have to use the bathroom and without needing reminders.
  • Students entering our Early Childhood Unit need to be able to eat independently before date of entry.
  • After the first two weeks of school, students who are unable to meet the above criteria consistently will be required to stay home for the period of one month to work on improving these skills, at which point they may re-enter the class for further evaluation.
  • All children and parents are required to attend parent teacher meetings at least one day prior to the student’s first day of school, in order to make the student's entrance as smooth as possible.
  • 1st year to school students must be dropped off and picked up by parents at least for the first week of school, until they are ready to use the bus.