Assessment Criteria

The following guidelines will be used in the assessment process according to the ASM Policy Manual.

The Admission Committee will review academic reports which must provide evidence of successful academic performance, with particular reference to evidence of a good level of achievement in the primary language. In addition, the following will be required for admission:

  • a developmental screening of applicants in the Elementary Learning Units;
  • Early Childhood applicants must meet physical, emotional and social development requirements at the time of entry, as deemed appropriate by the administration;
  • standardized test results for all applicants to all Learning Units, upon request;
  • entrance assessments in Math and English for applicants to grades 4-12;
  • for Learning Support needs, results from any and all psycho-educational testing conducted no more than one year prior to application for admission to ASM;
  • all necessary health forms and vaccination records;
  • original and certified letters of recommendation, translated into English if necessary, from current or former classroom teachers at the elementary level and from English or humanities and mathematics or science teachers at the middle and high school levels