Learning Support at ASM

Learning Support Services

We strive to support the individual needs of all of our students in a safe, caring and dynamic environment that allows each student to grow and mature academically, emotionally, physically, and socially. Accordingly, ASM aims to design a program for diagnosed students who have mild to moderate learning diversity needs.

Students receiving learning support will work with a learning needs specialist who will:

  • Communicate and support classroom teachers on understanding the student's accommodations and learning modalities
  • Work with students who have diagnosed learning needs within the classroom environment.
  • Coordinate individual and/or small group interventions during the regular school day
  • Develop, record and update Individual Learning Plans (ILP) to outline goals and areas for improvement
  • Confer with parents on a regular basis to communicate progress and plans for growth
  • Collaborate with teachers in team based planning to support ongoing development of differentiated instructional practices that are built into lessons and units
  • Teach self-advocacy and promote independence

After School Support Program

As an integral part of our learning support services, ASM offers after school support for students with diagnosed Learning Needs. These are designed to:

  • Target specific areas for students and offer remediation interventions
  • Develop skills that reinforce learning such as memory, organization and planning skills
  • Provide executive functioning and organizational skills assistance in a small group setting
  • Review classroom curriculum content and support students in the classroom
  • Develop interventions that meet the needs of each unique learner

For more information on the program and associated fees, download our Learning Support brochure.