Social Emotional Learning

Elementary Social Curriculum

Our social curriculum helps children learn the skills they need to manage their relationships one another and with the adults in their lives. Our elementary school counselor visits classrooms to assess individual student needs, and coordinates with classroom teachers to generate needs based guidance lessons to assist in children's social, emotional, and academic growth. 

To help integrate the ASM Social Curriculum, our teachers implement Responsive Classroom strategies into their classrooms which supports students’ academic achievement and the development of social skills. Each day our students begin their day with a ‘Morning Meeting’ as a way to build classroom community and a positive climate for learning.

We believe that developing fundamental learning dispositions such as cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-regulation are fundamental for growth.


Upper School students receive various lessons throughout the school year based on the need of the student population in order to be successful for everyday life. Lessons may include topics such as bullying prevention, study/organizational skills, healthy vs. unhealthy friendships, stress/anxiety management, and diversity awareness.

For any questions related to social/emotional learning, please contact your child's counselor.


Meet our

Jesse Sweeney

Elementary School Counselor

Shelbie Ely

Middle School Counselor
Grades 6-8

Marjorana Karathanasis

University and High School Counselor
Grades 9-11 (Last Names A-K)
Grade 12 (Last Names A-L)

Logan Westmoreland

High School and University Counselor
Grades 9-11 (Last Names L-Z)
Grade 12 (Last Names M-Z)