English Language Learners

At ASM, we recognize the need to celebrate the diversity that exists within the classroom community and to ensure that all students have the opportunity to meet the expectations and challenges of the curriculum thereby promoting equity for students of other languages and cultures. In developing our program for ELL, we recognize current research in ELL that supports our guiding principles for language development.

Guiding Principles for Language Development

  1. Students’ languages, cultures and prior experiences influence their language development and are valuable resources.
  2. Students learn language through meaningful interaction that integrates academic language with content and knowledge.
  3. Students transfer their language constructs from their native language(s) to new language models.
  4. Students acquire language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing interdependently but at different rates and in different ways. Thus, the social and academic language development needed for success in school is a complex and long-term process that can take 5-7 years to develop.
  5. Students have greater access to learning and critical thinking when language complexity and instructional support complement their levels of language proficiency.