Film is a great way for students to advance their creativity and tell stories using a range of styles and influences. From middle school onwards, students at ASM have the opportunity to take classes that enhance their appreciation for cinema and develop skills in technology, visual literacy, collaboration, and project management. 

ASM’s dedicated film classes offer ways to explore scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, sound design, animation, and visual effects. As part of the Elements of the Arts cycle of classes, students in grade 6 are given a teaser introduction to filmmaking and content creation for video. In high school, students can choose to take; Introduction to Film, Advanced Filmmaking, or 3D Design and Animation as single-semester elective classes. As part of ASM’s, IB Film course in grades 11 and 12, students have the rare opportunity to use industry-standard camera equipment, lighting, and other professional tools and software to create short films and documentaries. To further complement their own work and understanding of cinema, students learn to deconstruct texts and examine diverse filmmakers and contexts from around the world and throughout cinema’s history.

Each year, ASM film students compete in international student film festivals and create content for cross-curricular projects that showcase the school’s community, and its many events.