Welcome to the ASM library page!

Meet Ms Angela, Ms Giovanna and Ms Laura in the ASM library.


The ASM Library is a truly dynamic environment. Located at the center, or heart of the school, it is a hub for learning, socializing, and developing curiosity. The space received a full facelift in 2016 and we have enjoyed using the space in a variety of ways since then. Being a shared EC-12 Library the space is used for lessons and a variety of events. The library holds a strong collection of both print and digital resources that meet the many needs of our community. Over the past few years the ASM Library has worked to develop a collection that is a reflection of our student population. We hope that our students see themselves and their experiences in the characters, stories, and languages represented in these books. In addition to fiction books, we also hold an extensive non-fiction collection that supports both the school curriculum and student interests.

Databases & Subscriptions

Please see one of the library staff if you would like the passwords to access one or more of the following databases.

  • Gale Databases offers content for all grade levels across subject areas. 
  • ABC-CLIO a collection of history databases appropriate for grades 6-9
  • JSTOR, a trusted academic resource, includes more than a thousand academic journals, 1 million letters, images and other primary resources.
  • World Book allows students of all ages to access information about people, places, events, and other encyclopedic information in a multi-media environment.
  • CultureGrams An easy to use and informative database on cultures and countries around the world.
  • PebbleGo  A science database for our youngest learners.
  • The New York Times
  • The Economist
  • The New Yorker
  • The Financial Times